We’re really excited about the success of Aztec Empire. I’m incredibly proud of how Paul has turned a lifetime of painstaking research into a story that informs as well as it entertains.

Aztec Empire’s been applauded for its visual detail and historical accuracy, in large part due to Paul’s massive (no, really, it’s big) bibliography and his reliance on cultural and anthropological advisers.

“For centuries, Western historians downplayed the sophistication of the empire, emphasizing instead the alleged inherent superiority of Western culture.

Paul Guinan, David Hahn, and Anina Bennett are upending these narratives with a compelling new retelling of the events surrounding the fall of the empire in a digital graphic novel named Aztec Empire.”

David S. Anderson for Forbes, June 11 2019

Working with my good friends Paul and Anina is always a pleasure, but this project’s been something special.

You can learn more about Aztec Empire and how it’s been received by international press and academics. Still, it’s a self-funded and crowd-sourced project, so we’d all appreciate your support through its Patreon page to keep it going.

And please—keep your fingers crossed for us. The Eisner Awards are coming up July 19 down at ComicCon!